SHANKHACHIL Movie Premier – VME MEDIA Coverage 14/04/2016

JPVM~Media Coverage: 14/04/2016 “

SHANKHACHIL Movie Premier ” Venue: PRIYA CINEMA Kolkata Time: 7Pm Onwards Date: 14/04/2016

“SHANKHACHIL” —- Releasing Tomorrow. Free as a bird. To wander. To nestle. To take flight. We are not. As India gained its much awaited independence in 1947, a race faced another struggle. Bengal was divided and hundreds of thousands of Bengalis were displaced and divided on the basis of their religion. The Hindus were forced out as East Bengal was made a part of Pakistan and the same fate lay in store for the Muslims of West Bengal. Millions became refugees in their own homeland, and thousands still bear the cross and the scar. The film is a human saga of a truncated land and how people are trying to relive their destiny.

CASTS: Prosenjit Chatterjee Kushuk Shikdar Arindam Sil Priyanshu Chatterjee Dipankar Dey Ushasie Chakraborty Nakul Vaid Famous actors,actress and Directors gathered to support as well as to see the movie , feel the movie.

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