Working from Home: Government Has These Tips for You

More and more companies are asking their employees to work from home amidst nationwide lockdown and to follow the quarantine regulations of the government. However, with increase in the number of people working from home, the number of cyberattacks too have grown exponentially. As hackers and cyber criminals are trying to cause both financial as well as data loss to people as well as employees. Though working from home is an alternate and viable option to get the work done, it comes with its own set of risks. So, it is important for employees to be careful while working from home, ensure organisational data safety and more. Here we bring to you some tips shared by the Ministry of Home Affairs that one must consider to avoid cyber attack. Take a look

1. Change all the default passwords and keep strong passwords for all devices and online accounts.

2. Use computers / laptops provided by your company, instead of personal system, wherever possible.

3. Do not use the same device for work and leisure activities.

4. Don’t share meeting links publicly or via social media platforms.

5. Use trusted apps/os employer for video approved by your conferencing/ collaborative work.

6. Keep all Operating System (OS), antivirus, apps updated.

7. Keep the remote access disable until and unless required. If required, it should be used with proper security.

8. Use secure network, for accessing office systems.

9. Be careful of phishing emails which may be disguised as similar to your superior mail ID. Check all links properly before opening them.

10. Avoid open/free Wi-Fi networks. Change default password of your home Wi-Fi and admin passwords.

11. Strictly adhere to the security and other work guidelines issued by your employer.

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