CHAMPAHATI is a place in Kolkata West Bengal and is famous for FIRE WORKS. Otherwise can be defined as Kolkata’s Largest Fire Works HUB. Mostly all the families living here are directly or in directly attached with making, selling of the Fire Works. Those who have licence for the same have opened their own stalls in the market area others make their business from home only.
Throughout the year they prepare for the same and make their production stock accordingly for the Events Through out the year and specially for KALI PUJO which comes every year.
During the time of pujo all the seller forget about every thing and start doing the business. Not only the boys but the total family gets in to the business and they make good business too.
People not only from various part of Bengal but people from other state also come down to buy Fire Works for various events.
During the Time of Kali Pujo Local People provide their premises on rent also for Car and Bike Parking. So this year visit champahati for the latest fireworks and have a very safe and happening Diwali this year.

One of the Latest Fireworks available in Champahati 2019

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