HK China’s part no matter what, says Beijing, puts weight behind Carrie Lam.

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi on Monday steered Beijing’s reaction to Hong Kong’s pan-democracy group winning an emphatic victory in district elections, saying the city is part of China “no matter what happens”.

The city’s pro-democracy camp won a major victory in the community-level election after more than five months of street violence that has seen Beijing repeatedly affirming its faith on the “one country, two systems” mechanism.

In Beijing, the Chinese foreign ministry said it “resolutely” supports Hong Kong’s embattled leader, Carrie Lam.

Earlier in the day, Wang Yi, who is also state councillor, said in Tokyo that attempts to disrupt Hong Kong will never succeed.

“No matter how the situation evolves in HK, one thing remains crystal clear: Hong Kong is part of China’s territory as a special administrative region; attempts to disrupt Hong Kong and undermine its stability and prosperity will never succeed,” Wang said according to a statement released by the Chinese foreign ministry in Beijing.

Wang was in Tokyo for a G20 foreign ministers’ meeting and was responding to questions from journalists on the results of the Hong Kong elections.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang spoke about China’s full support for Lam after results revealed the crushing victory for the pro-democracy camp.

Some reports called the victory a humiliating rebuke for both Beijing and Lam.

“China’s central government resolutely supports chief executive Carrie Lam’s leadership of the Special Administrative Region government,” Geng said at the regular ministry press briefing.

Geng said the government also supported the police and judiciary in Hong Kong in “punishing relevant violent and illegal behaviours.”

“The Chinese government’s resolve to protect national sovereignty, security and development interest has not faltered. Its resolve to carry out one country, two systems has not faltered,” he said.

Mainland’s state media attempted to “rationally” analyse the result, saying the victory of the pro-democrats was a result of “emotions”.

“The election result showed that there is still emotion within Hong Kong society, affecting rational thinking over the key issue of how the city should walk out of its current predicament,” the nationalistic tabloid, Global Times, said in an opinion piece on Monday.

“It is hoped that the pro-establishment groups in Hong Kong will not be discouraged, and Hongkongers who love the country and the city will not be disheartened after the district council elections. As long as elections are held, there will be swings. What’s more, in such an unfavorable situation, the pro-establishment camp still received about 40 percent of the votes,” it said.

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