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How Green Corridors Help Save Lives!!

18.4 kms of peak traffic was covered in 21:20 minutes. Donated heart from 47-year-old man transplanted into 34-year-old woman !!

INDIA: India’s traffic problem over the years has been the root cause of many deaths. During an medical emergency like organ transplantation over long distances, the unsuitability of roads and highways hamper in the worst way possible. In a developing unplanned country like India, where lane discipline is an alien concept, emergency lanes won’t sustain as of now. Thus, for provision of better health services, a temporary emergency lane has been implemented in organ transplantation cases known as a ‘Green Corridor’.

Image Taken from a Source. VM News Did not Verified the information.

It is a special route with manual operation of street signals and traffic to avoid any hindrances that could come in the way of an ambulance. Aims and Objectives: To learn about the awareness, strategies and possibilities of Green Corridor in India.

Image Taken from a Source. VM News Did not Verified the information.

Material and Method: This was an interventional study by the undergraduate students of Rural Medical College, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Loni, Maharashtra. The study also included 350 Students and 150 Faculty members of Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University) and Practicing Doctors of Central Maharashtra were included in the survey. The survey conducted was in a pre and post-test format.

The study involved 500 participants out of which 135 were medical faculty and practicing doctor and 350 were students of Rural Medical College. The awareness among medical students about green corridor increased from 14% to 61%, while it went up to 71% from 26% in medical faculty after intervention. Willingness to donate organs increased from 57% to 66% and 78% to 85% among medical students and medical faculty, respectively. The participants gave suggestions to make available air ambulance & emergency roads and increase awareness regarding green corridor

Conclusion: From the survey conducted, it can be perceived that there is a massive lack of awareness about Green Corridor as well as reluctance for organ donation. Therefore, awareness should be created on a large scale so that no person is left oblivious. Even on a smaller scale, an implementation of the suggested strategies could make a massive difference in the present scenario regarding medical emergencies .

New Delhi, February 18th 2020:

A team of doctors from Fortis Escorts, Okhla retrieved a live donor
heart in Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune earlier today. The live heart was air transported from Pune to Delhi. A 18.4 kms long green corridor was created from Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport to Fortis Escorts in Okhla that swiftly transported the live heart in less than 21:20 minutes at the peak of traffic hours. The team of doctors was led by Dr Z S Meharwal, Head of Adult Cardiac Surgery, VAD & Heart Transplantation Programme, Dr Vishal Rastogi, Head, Heart Failure Clinic at FEHI and Dr Naveen Saraf, Principal Consultant, Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery at Fortis Escorts, Okhla (FEHI).

The team was alerted by National Organ Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) about a possible donor heart in Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune earlier today. The team immediately left for Pune at 03:10 AM today to retrieve the heart. The donor heart along with the team boarded the flight at 03:30 PM and reached IGI Delhi at 05:40 PM. The ambulance swiftly completed the 18.4 kms long stretch in 21:20 minutes amidst traffic rush.
The donor heart from a 47-year-old male was retrieved after he was declared brain dead. It was shortlisted by NOTTO for a 34-year-old female from Delhi. She has been getting treatment from Dr Vishal Rastogi, Head, Heart Failure Clinic at FEHI. However, her condition reached a critical condition almost a month ago and was on levosimandon infusion support since then. The heart transplant surgery is being performed by Dr Z S Meharwal, Executive Director & HOD, Cardiac Surgery at FEHI at the time of this press release.

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