Mumbai: Last year July 2018 Jeep India had installed the Largest Display advertisement cut out of the country.

They installed the same on a hill, along side the scenic Mumbai – Pune Expressway. The dimensions was 100 ft tall and 253 ft wide. the logo on the hoarding size was 164.5 ft X 65.7 ft and the total weight of the hoarding was 80,000 Kilos.

Jeep Compass Hoarding – on a hill side – Mumbai Pune Expressway

On the other hand, the hoarding of Tata Harrier is even taller than Jeep Compass. The dimension of Tata Harrier Hoarding at Mumbai Pune Express Highway has a height of 123 ft and 225 ft width – which is equivalent to the width 36 nos. Tata Harrier SUV’s.

The measurement comes up to 27,500 Sq. Ft. and the structure of it is made up with 260,000 Kgs of Steel. Tata Claims that the weight is equal to 177 Nos. Harrier SUV’s. The all new hoarding of Harrier is been Lighten up with over 70 High Power Glowing Lights.

Tata Harrier Sets up its new Hoarding – Mumbai Pune Expressway

In a detailed discussion about Harrier, it is no Longer the best selling car in the segment, it has been taken up by MG Hector in Sales. To boost the sales of Harrier, Tata Motors did the same and also planned to launch a new dark edition of Tata Harrier soon by next month starting.

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