“Janata Curfew” On Sunday!!

No trains, metros, buses: Here is how India is gearing up for Janta Curfew on March 22!!

The Prime Minister had in his address to the nation asked people to stay off the roads and public places during the Janta Curfew, which will be in place for 14 hours from 7am to 9pm on Sunday.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday appealed to citizens to observe a “Janata curfew” on Sunday March 22 as a test run for social distancing over the next few days to fight the spread of coronavirus. As part of the self-curfew, the Prime Minister said everyone must stay home from 7 am to 9 pm that day and abide by it.

The Prime Minister also cautioned citizens against hoarding and panic-buying, assuring that there would be no shortage of essentials like milk, medicines and food.

“Under this Janata (public) curfew, no one should leave their home or gather in their neighbourhoods. Only those related to essential services should go out,” said PM Modi.

“At 5 pm, we will stand at our balconies, windows or doors for 5 minutes and we will applaud those maintaining essential services by ringing bells, sounding sirens and clapping…,” he said.

The Prime Minister suggested that the one-day exercise would help people get used to self-isolating. Stay home unless absolutely essential in the next few weeks, he said, urging determination and restraint.

“I want the next few weeks from you, I want your time,” he said, stressing on the need to avoid what he called a sudden explosion of the outbreak, after the first few days, in other nations. “Today’s generation may not be very familiar with this, but in the olden times, blackout was observed at night during wartime. This would at times go on for prolonged periods. Several times, there would also be blackout drill,” he remarked.

Coronavirus, he said, had affected more nations than the World War and the growing challenge posed by the outbreak was not normal.

“There is no cure for this, so we need to remain healthy.  We need to avoid crowds and stay home. Social distancing is critical. If you think you can roam around as usual and feel you will not be at risk, this is incorrect; you are endangering yourself and your family.”

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