How to get E-passes made Online for Delhi, UP, Rajasthan, AP, MP and 6 Other States of India

In order to check the spread of coronavirus disease across India, the government has announced an extended lockdown till May 3. During the lockdown period, only essential service providers are allowed to travel. However, in case you need to travel for some emergency work, you can apply for an e-pass online which you can show to the police while traveling. Be sure that you have a valid reason for the pass. Also, some documents may be required while you travel. Here’s ho to get e-passes made online for Delhi, UP, Rajasthan, AP, MP and 6 other states of India.

How to get e-pass for lockdown?

  1. Head to the official lockdown e-pass website for your state or city.
  2. Click on the Apply Here or something similar, depending on your state’s website.
  3. The reason for e-pass needs to be mentioned, and each state website asks for different information from the user. For instance, the Maharashtra e-pass website asks for a photo ID proof, valid organisation documents, medical report, and company ID to be attached with the application.
  4. Once you submit the application, it will be reviewed by the local police and then a pass will be issued.
  5. If there is any discrepancy in filling the application, users can contact the local police station to have it resolved. A unique token ID will be issued to the applicant.

How to check for application status of e-pass?

  • Once the application is submitted, the user can check their status of application by entering a unique ID on the e-pass website.
  • Once the E-pass is approved, a message from the authorities will be sent over the phone informing the user.
  • The e-pass can then be printed for use. It is essential to carry the e-pass with you, when you leave the house.

List of E-pass URL for Various States-

1- Delhi: Open ‘’ to apply for lockdown pass

2- Uttar Pradesh: Open ‘’ website on your phone or PC to apply for e-pass

3- Haryana: Open ‘’ on your smartphone or PC to apply for an e-pass

4- Rajasthan: Use Rajasthan Police app (RajCop Citizen) to get lockdown e-pass

5- Madhya Pradesh: Open ‘’ on your smartphone or PC to apply for an e-pass

6- Uttarakhand: Open ‘’ website to apply for e-pass

7- Chandigarh: Go to Chandigarh admin website- ‘’

8- Bihar: Open Bihar e-pass portal– ‘’ to apply

9- Himachal Pradesh: Open ‘’ website to apply

10- Kerala: Go to ‘’ to apply

11- Andhra Pradesh: Go to this website and follow steps

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