WhatsApp is one of the most popular and primary communication medium in today’s digital world. WhatsApp always working on it to make it more and more improvised and easier for the user to adapt it.

On a recent announcement, WhatsApp is going to launch two new cool features that will make it easier for the user to chat on the web. WhatsApp web does not work independently and it adds a second screen to your messages. On the other hand the mobile app, both for Android and Ios they receive new features faster and easier than WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp web is about to launch two new features where you can expect Albums and Grouped Stickers to be coming up soon. As these features are new, WhatsApp will make it easier for the user to use it properly on PC without individual stickers taking full page on the screen. Both the features are available in WhatsApp mobile app and will be available soon in the web.

On the other side WhatsApp has launched Finger Print Lock support for android version of the app.

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