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Here are 8 Tips to Keep Your TikTok Account Safe: MeitY

With most of us sitting at homes and using social media apps to communicate and read news, there have been instances where hackers have tried to take benefit from it in one way or the other. And as a part of keeping your data as safe as possible, it is important to keep your social handles secure. TikTok is one of the popular social media apps out there with millions of users and someone invading your privacy on that app is something that you wouldn’t want to see. So, Information Security Awareness or ISEA by MeitY has given eight tips that you can follow in order to keep your TikTok account safe.

You can simply navigate to the Settings section of the app inside your TikTok account and follow these tips to keep your account untouched.

-In the privacy and safety section you can toggle on the ‘Private Account’ option only if you don’t want it to be discovered by random users on the platform.

-Switch off the option to let anyone download your videos on to their own devices as the video can be used in any way.

-Limiting who can comment on your videos is also important as we see many becoming a part of cyber bullying every other day.

In case you are allowing others or friends to comment, make sure you can filter them so no one can abuse or violate the TikTok guidelines.

-You can also limit the ‘Slitch or Duet’ permission of your video to friends only if in case you are concerned about privacy and your content being exposed to everyone on TikTok.

-Similar to limiting the comments on videos, one can also limit who can react to your videos on TikTok.

-ISEA also suggests that parents will have to take special interest in the apps that are popular with kids and are likely to expose their data to others.

-And lastly, in case the user is still being harassed on the TikTok app, he or she can simply visit the profile of the user and block him or her or report their account.

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